Elevator Pitch formula for your product, app, startup or idea

An elevator pitch is a short description of an idea, product, app, or business that explains the key concept in a simple way and in a few seconds. In this article, Sergio Rodriguez shares an easy framework to generate your elevator pitch quickly.

Elevator Pitch formula for your product, app, startup or idea

Have you ever had a great idea, which, when you share it, does not sound as impressive as it does on your mind? Usually, you are thrilled about your innovation, and you have everything figured out in your mind, but to explain it to someone else, you might need to set some context before.

And what about explaining your idea to someone who is not familiar at all with your industry? What critical pieces of information to share in an opening statement to communicate your startup or the new fantastic product you are working on? Something you have to do in around one minute, the classical elevator pitch.

Is there a template or framework to write and communicate new ideas? Here is my proposal:

β€œAn [object] for [an audience] to [achieve a goal] by [doing it differently].”

Let's breakdown each element of the formula:

1. Object: The description of the object involving your idea. It could be a platform, an app, a product, a process, a device, a website, a database, a gadget, etc.

2. Audience: The primary users of your idea, the target, the segment, etc.

3. Goal: The fundamental purpose or the use case of your idea, the problem you are trying to solve.

4. Differentiator: The way your idea is achieving the goal in a differently or uniquely way. What makes your idea stand out from the competition or existing solutions.

Here is one example following that framework:

An app for millennials in Mars to quickly and fairly exchange vegetables by scanning them and calculating their nutritional value and their capability of generating biodiesel.

Now you are ready to pitch your idea efficiently.

I published an earlier version of this framework in Medium

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels